Zee Marketing is a group of highly trained marketing and business professionals who know how to run a business. We provide marketing, management, and legal assistance needed to start and grow a business. From simple NTN registration (for individuals) to SECP company registration; we are here to help you. Count on us for anything you need to run your business. From personal income tax filing to SECP annual return filing, and sales tax return filing (monthly, quarterly, and annually).
We also help our clients who want to start a business in the United States. We help the Pakistani exporters to register a company in the US and start selling their products and services to the international buyers. Some buyers don’t want to purchase from a Pakistani seller; some other buy from Pakistan but pay very little price. So, if you tell those customers that your company is an American registered business and you receive payments in your US bank accounts, you would get the orders at a higher price.
The flowing are our key services we provide to our Pakistani clients:
  • NTN Registration Individuals and Companies
  • Income Tax Filing for Individuals and Companies
  • SECP Annual Return Filing
  • Sales Tax Return Filing
  • SECP Company Registration
  • Registered Agent (All States)
  • Business / Income Tax Lawyer
  • Pak-US Business Partnerships
  • USA Company Registration
  • Alibaba Gold Suppliers

We are also associated with Alibaba group. We highly recommend the local exporters to become an Alibaba Gold Supplier and get access to the international buyers. Alibaba is the biggest B2B marketplace in the world.