We at Zee Marketing have an experienced team of tax experts and tax lawyers. We file 1000+ income tax returns for our clients every year. We have experience, knowledge and skills to deal with all income tax related issues. Nowadays, dealing with the FBR officers is not easy; they need more and more information. We know how to deal with them; this is what we do all the time.

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Income Tax Filing

We provide all income tax associated services like NTN registration, income tax filing, answering to the FBR notices for audits and other income tax related issues. Dealing with the FBR needs sound legal knowledge and experience. We can represent you in the FBR hearings and honorable legal courts.

Income Tax Return Filing FBR

In Pakistan, the FBR manages the national income tax system (Federal Bureau of Revenue). All Pakistani citizens are required to file their income tax returns with FBR. Nowadays, a taxpayer can easily file their income tax with the help of an income tax expert like Zee Marketing. Please get in touch with us by email or call today.

Income Tax Return Filing

If you earn profit from a business or salary, you are legally bound to file your tax return. It does not matter if you have earned profit or not. You need to tell the government about your financial situation—the same rules for the salaried person. If your salary is not taxable, you still need to file your income tax return.

Filing Income Tax Returns

filing income tax returns needs experience and knowledge about the tax system in Pakistan. Some people pay more than what they owe to the government; others try to pay less than what they owe. Both practices are unacceptable. Please consult an income tax lawyer (like Zee Marketing) before income tax filing. Income tax filing is our job; we know how to save money legally.

Income tax returns are the forms in which assessees file information about their Income and tax thereon before the Income Tax Department. If anyone files a belated return, he / she would not allowed to carry forward certain losses. The result of all this is that you’re required to file a tax return every year. Through this process, it’s determined whether you owe additional taxes beyond what you’ve already paid to the federal government, or if you’re owed a refund of the taxes you’ve already paid.

If you’ve got a job with a regular paycheck, you’re almost certainly already paying taxes. While your employer withholds the taxes you owe on your earnings / income and sends them to the federal government, there’s a lot more to do with the process to make sure you’re paying taxes appropriately.

For starters, your payroll withholding usually isn’t exactly right: The decisions you make when you set up your payroll withholding at the beginning of your employment can result in you under or excessively paying your taxes.

Further, you may be able to reduce the taxes you owe and thus, get a refund on taxes you already paid by taking certain deductions or credits provided for in the tax law. On the flip-side, you might have additional income not included in your paycheck that you’re legally required to report, and which may result in you owing more in taxes.