We offer business partnerships to the Pakistani exporters and service providers. We understand the online business situation in Pakistan. To do business with the world, every online seller needs a business PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal does not offer its merchant services to the Pakistani exporters and sellers.

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There are a few limited options available to the Pakistani exporters and service providers; they include Payoneer, 2checkout, and couple of more. None of them are 100% reliable. These billing options are good for the seasonal exporters and sellers, but not good for a regular business. A small manufacturer cannot do business while using one of those billing system.

The concrete way to build a bridge over this gap is to be a business partner with an American company. A company that can fulfil the gap and can help you do your business with peace of mind. You need to sign a legal business partnership agreement with A US company that can represent you and your business in the US. We only work with the registered exporters; please contact us if you have your NTN ready.

We, Zee Marketing, are here to help you out. We are helping the Pakistani exporters who want to sell their products to the American buyers and want to get paid by PayPal, credit card, ACH, and a paper cheque/pay order. Zee Marketing is a project of a Texas limited liability company. Our company is in the business since 2016.

Do you want to sell your products to the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada, but unable to get paid by PayPal?

Do you need a business partner in the US so you can get your company registered in the USA and get a business PayPal account?

If your answers are yes, then you are on the right track. We can definitely help you. We need your business registration documents like NTN, tax returns for the last 2 years SECP registration documents, Import/Export history, CNICs for the primary contacts. We run background checks for every applicant. We don’t accept every partnership request; in fact, reject more than 95% applications.